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3D Printed Clamp for keeping wires tight into a 48Volt 0.5Amp PoE Brick that comes with certain Ubiquiti Radios.


INFO on the brick used to model the bracket:

Model: GP-H480-050G


(Use Photo of PoE Injector to verify you are buying the correct model, no returns)


Takes 4+ cable ties to fasten everything, I use them with Thomas & Betts TyWraps. (Not Included)



These are 3D Printed PLA Plastic items.

They will warp if left in the sun for a short amount of time (~120+ deg F).

They should be installed only in locations with air conditioning or colder climates.

They burn nicely, do not use in locations next to other combustibles; If the PoE brick catches fire from lightning or an electrical fire, these would likely accelerate the fire even more.

If they are popular enough, I will be able to get a proper injection mold made and will be able to produce them much cheaper and make them out of a heat resistant plastic that doesn't warp when left in a hot car or on a window sill.


The design is Opensource and I put it on my GitLab page for if you have a 3D printer.

Of course buying them from me will save you time and hassle, and help fund Injection molds being produced for a better heat resistant version.


The .stl files can be found at:

I print them with a 0.6mm nozzle extra warm with an extra slow speed to make them nice and rigid.

They take about 1.5 hours each to print at the settings I use.

Ubi 48V .5A PoE Clamp V1

SKU: UBI480501
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