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Service Plans  

No Contracts.

Unlimited Data.

No Hidden Fees.

$200 Per Hour Installation Rate. $400 Average Installation price.

Router Included in Install.

$85 Slow Plan:

6-14 Megabits Per Second download speed.  (speed varies by time of day)

6-14 Mbps upload speed.

Will Stream 1-2 High Definition (720-1080p) video streams.

$120 Fast Plan:

12+ Megabits Per Second download speed.  (speed varies by time of day)

Call for details on max speeds in your area.

The Premium Service plan.

Works for Streaming Multiple High Definition Videos.  Recommended for when you need 3+ simultaneous video streams or really fast loading images and business VPNs.

Speeds will vary by day of week and and time of day but I will give my best effort to keep them above 12 Meg 24/7.

4K Ultra High Definition streaming is not recommended or supported on any plan.

Monthly Service Charges Per County

More info:

A Basic installation entails drilling a hole through an exterior wall and mounting a dish on the roof or the side of the home/business.  If there is a windbreak in the way of the tower, I can leave fiber or wire for you to trench to the other side of the shelter belt.

Public Static IP addresses are $10 per month.  These are needed for certain camera systems or some gaming NAT requirements sometimes.

There is a monthly late Fee of $20 for accounts over 30 days late.

Service will be slowed until payment is received.

High End Fortigate firewall/routers are available for businesses and power users to purchase.  Multi-site Virtual Private Network Connections also use these routers.

Most of our tall towers have 24-Hour battery backup, you can purchase a battery backup for your computer, router and radio as well to help ensure communication during an emergency.

Service is not available in all areas, dense trees, interference, and proximity to towers will affect what service speeds are available.

Speeds advertised above are best effort and are what our network throttles your connection to.  Speeds may be slower at times due to interference, new trees or buildings.  If you connection is ever slow, give me a call and I'll change the frequency, move radios, or replace your router to fix the issue.  I give my best effort to have enough bandwidth to provide the speeds advertised 24/7.  Sometimes my radios lie about the real throughput they are able to supply and I'm unaware there is an interference issue that can be fixed.

By paying for the service you are agreeing to use the connection according to United States laws, using the service for illegal activities may result in me being forced to disconnect you.


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